Access Control Systems

3D Security can provide you the access safety you deserve. By designing the access control system that best fits your individual needs, we can help you manage your employees and visitors, control and track access throughout your facility with the use of cards, keyfobs or biometrics.

Card Access Controls & Door Entry

Access control systems provide security, convenience, improved personnel flow and audit trails maximizing the security of your facility. Cards can be programmed to access specific doors at the times allowed for that individual user. Credentials can be issued to management, staff and visitors.

Telephone Entry Systems

Telephone entry systems installed at an apartment complex or multi tenant business can call the phone number programmed into a specific apartment or business suite. The tenant may communicate with the visitor, once determined the person is authorized to enter the door is unlocked with a press of a button on the phone.

Intercom Systems

Intercom systems can help aid in your communication and safety for your facility. An Audio/Video Intercom installed at the entrance of a secured facility allows staff to determine if the visitor is authorized to entering the building. Integration with the access control system will allow to unlock the remote entrance and allow the visitor to enter. At 3D Security, we can help determine your needs and find the intercom system that can work best for you.

Turnstiles & Gates

Limit facility access with the use of a turnstile or gate control system. Easily integrate each with an access control system for accurate monitoring of traffic.


Restricting access to areas with the highest level of security can be completed with biometrics, such as fingerprint readers, hand scanners, etc. Adding multiple forms of authentication (card + pin number + fingerprint) ensures only authorized users may enter your most critical areas. Let us help secure your valuable information.

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